About Zleeps Basic Euro & Ikea Size Mattress Range

If you have purchased a new bed from well-known home furniture store Ikea or from a store across Europe, you will soon find that a UK-made mattress doesn’t fit the frame as good as you would like. This is because a European size mattress is slightly longer in length compared to a UK mattress that is marketed for the same bed. Never fear though, as we stock Ikea/Euro size mattresses to suit any kind of European bed. So whether you want to make a single bed more comfortable or improve the cosiness of a super king size bed, we have the perfect product for you

Basic Euro Size Mattresses

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Basic Euro Size Mattresses

Euro Ikea Mattresses
  • Depth: 6 inch / 15cm
  • Memory Foam Grade: Premium 85KG/3M Memory Foam
  • Firmness Rating: Medium
  • Guarantee: Yes, 10 Year Guarantee
  • 60 Night Trial: Yes
  • Washable cover: Yes, 40 Degrees
  • Stock: In Stock!
  • Delivery: FREE Delivery!

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Basic Euro Size Mattresses
  • Basic Euro Size Mattresses

Benefits of the Zleep Euro and Ikea Memory Foam Mattress

  • 60 Day Sleep Night Trial
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Premium High Density 85kg/m3 Memory Foam
  • High Density orthopaedic pressure-reducing mattress - conforms to your body shape alleviating pressure points and aiding sleep
  • Excellent health benefits – Improves blood circulation, pressure reducing, excellent for back pain sufferers
  • Excellent for sufferers of Fibromyalgia, circulation problems, and aching back, neck, hip or knee joint complaints
  • Asthma & allergy friendly - Hypo allergenic and anti-microbial 'ANTI-ALLERGENIC' treated - dust mite and germ resistant
  • Compact shipping for easy transport up and down stairs and even through the tightest of spaces and entrances!


Here at Zleeps we are pleased to announce that we can now cater to those with European and Ikea sized bed frames with our Euro mattress range, offering you the support and comfort you need for a great night’s sleep at a great value price.

Bringing you our Basic, Classic and Deluxe mattress ranges available in European sizes, we truly believe we have something for everyone!

Benefits of the Euro Mattress

With optimum all over body support, luxury comfort and affordable price tags our Euro mattress range is one you will not be disappointed with. Create your very own sleep haven with one of our Zleeps mattresses, guaranteed to give you the best nights sleep possible.

Our advanced orthopaedic visco memory foam will contour to you and your partners’ body shape in any position, reducing the roll effect from your partner while relieving stress on joints and muscles compared to a standard mattress.

By contouring to your shape and having more contact with your body from head to foot, the pressure of your weight on the mattress is spread over a larger surface area which in turn reduces pressure points on your body, improving blood flow and aiding the recuperation of your muscles and joints during sleep.

So treat yourself to the sleep you deserve and get a mattress from Zleeps. With the value offered by our finest range and our FREE next day home delivery service, you can be getting the sleep you need before you know it.

What about Memory Foam?

Memory Foam, often referred to as viscoelastic foam was originally designed by NASA and is made from polyurethane with the help of additional chemicals to increase its density and flexibility. High density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould to a warm body in as quick as a few minutes. Memory foam is typically denser than other foam mattresses, making it much more supportive 

Why Choose Zleeps

Here at Zleeps we understand that purchasing a new mattress is a big decision, and one that you will want complete peace of mind from. With this in mind, we decided to let our products do the talking and offer a no quibble 60 night trial money back guarantee. All of our products qualify for free UK mainland delivery which usually takes 1-2 working days. However we do have a number of delivery options available to suit everyone’s needs. We fully expect our products to exceed all of your expectations, and that is why we top it all off with a ten year guarantee with your purchase from us.

Health Benefits

Memory Foam reduces pressure points and muscular stress across your entire body and maintains the correct alignment of the spine and neck for a healthier sleep. Suitable for any body weight, dust-mite resistant and hypo allergenic, memory foam is highly recommended by doctors throughout the world.

Anti Dust Mite

Visco elastic foam products, like memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers, are less likely to harbor dust mites, which tend to reproduce, and thrive in traditional box spring mattresses. The structure of the Visco elastic memory foam makes it impossible for any kind of 'bugs', even including tiny dust mites, to penetrate the mattress.

This creates a cleaner and healthier environment, providing the setting for a truly comfortable and therapeutic night’s sleep. Memory foam can also help those who suffer from airborne allergies and hay fever, since dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergies in the home

60 Night Trial

When making a big purchase you want peace of mind so you can sleep well at night knowing you’ve made the right choice. With this in mind, we decided to let our products do the talking and offer a no quibble 60 night trial* money back guarantee.

All we ask is that you try our products for at least 45 of the 60 nights to give them a fair chance to meet your expectations. A new mattress, topper or pillow is a big change for your body and it does often take a short while to adjust to and feel the benefits. Find out more about our 60 night trial

Delivery Info

Here at Zleeps we offer FREE mainland UK delivery and it should take 1-2 working days. However we have a number of delivery options to hopefully suit everyone’s needs. When your item ships we email you with a shipping confirmation that includes your delivery tracking details. Shipping and handling times may vary but are advised within the product description. Our next working day delivery is guaranteed and applies to UK mainland only. Should you not get delivery on the next working day then we will refund the extra amount that was paid for this service, without quibble.

Buy your euro and ikea memory foam mattress today by either clicking the ‘Add To Basket’ button or giving us a call on 0800 0124 159 to speak to a member of our Sales Team.

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Our price £ 179.00£