About Zleeps Basic Memory Foam Mattress Range

If you are looking for a simple resolution to a poor night’s sleep then look no further than our basic memory foam mattress range. Not only does this range offer superior comfort it is also fantastic value. Combining a layer of high density memory foam with a supportive reflex foam base is the ideal way to achieve a better night’s sleep. With a medium to firm comfort rating our basic memory foam mattresses offer the perfect balance between comfort and support, enabling you to create your very own sleep sanctuary. 

Basic Memory Foam Mattresses

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Basic Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress
  • Bed Frame Size: Single, Small Double, Double, King Size & Super King
  • Depth: 6 inch / 15cm
  • Memory Foam Grade: Premium 85KG/3M Memory Foam
  • Firmness Rating: Medium - Firm
  • Guarantee: Yes, 10 Year Guarantee
  • 60 Night Trial: Yes
  • Washable cover: Yes, 40 Degrees
  • Stock: In Stock!
  • Delivery: FREE Delivery!

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Basic Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Basic Memory Foam Mattresses

The Basic Range

With a rating of medium to firm comfort, Zleeps basic memory foam mattresses achieve the perfect balance between support and comfort, which facilitates relaxing in your own sleep sanctuary. We believe that such a perfect sleep is achieved by blending a coating of high-density memory foam with a caring reflex foam base. This is exactly our attractive selling point of our basic range because it guarantees superior comfort with least processing efforts, which also means reasonably fantastic value.

The basic range includes temperature sensitive, body supporting mattresses that guarantees pressure relief to your joints, which means a better night sleep within 6 inches of foam! By ensuring improved night’s sleep at an affordable price on any bed size, our basic memory foam mattress can be a perfect choice for anyone.

We proudly say, “If you are in search for a simple solution to poor sleep at night, then look no further than our basic memory foam range.

6inch thik memory foam
Single - Super King
Fits all bed frames
Premium foam
85kg/m3 Premium foam
10 year Zleep guarantee

Memory Foam for a Good Night Sleep

Helps you get your ZLEEP! ZZZ

A good sleep is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, which revitalizes the body and mind that get stressed out after a hectic day. Even more important is to sleep on the body-friendly mattress that actually eliminates the risk of any discomfort or pain, especially for those who are suffering from a medical condition in which pain is a common symptom. This is something that a memory foam mattress is designed to deliver!



Basic Foam Mattress Dimensions

Our basic range the following options each varying in terms of dimensions and size with varying degree of thicknesses from 6 to 12 inches and depth of 6 inches. This ensures a perfect fit mattress for your bed frame.

Basic Mattress Sizes
Space age foam from Zleep

Space age foam

Memory Foam, often referred to as viscoelastic foam was originally designed by NASA and is made from polyurethane with the help of additional chemicals to increase its density and flexibility.

High density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould to a warm body in as quick as a few minutes. Memory foam is typically denser than other foam mattresses, making it much more supportive.

NASA logo Memory foam was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA's Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions.

Why choose Zleeps?

Zleeps understand that it is not enough to buy a new mattress for a good sleep but is equally important to buy the one that ensures full peace of mind that comes only if the body is truly relaxing. We proudly claim that our Zleeps memory foam mattresses are capable of offering the perfect night’s sleep, especially for those who have back problems or experience difficulty in getting good sleep.

60 Day Sleep Night Trial 10 Year Guarantee Excelent for sufferers of circulation problems Premium Hhigh Density 85kg/m3 Memory Foam Excellent Health Benefits Compact Delivery for Easy Maneuverability Pressure Reducing Foam Free Mainland Delivery

What are the Benefits of Choosing Zleeps

  • 10-Year Guarantee, something that is rare to get
  • 60-Day sleep night trial, allowing you to test our product for our comfort
  • Free shipping in United Kingdom
  • Guaranteed delivery in two working days
  • Premium high density 85kg/m3 memory foam
  • Easy conformation to your body shape for discarding pressure points for better sleep
  • Excellent health benefits: Boosted blood circulation and reduced pressure on the body
  • Excellent for sufferers of back, neck, hip or knee joint pain or any other complaints related to joints or back
  • Asthma & allergy friendly, as our mattresses are anti-microbial and anti-allergenic treated
  • Compact shipping for smooth carriage up and down stairs and even via the narrow spaces or tightest entrances

With our 60 night day trial facility, you can make your big purchase with peace of mind that exists even while sleeping at night perhaps because you know that your choice is right. It is the value we have for your peace of mind that has inspired us to offer our products with money back guarantee after 60 days, in case you are uncomfortable whose occurrence is actually rare.

Because we believe in our quality of products designed and offered, we ask you to try them for these many days for giving the chosen one a fair chance to fulfill your expectations. We motivate you to remember that a new mattress is a big change in your life due to which it might take some time to experience the benefits. Know More About Our 60 Nigh Trial.

Although we ship our products free of cost to UK mainland, we do offer several other delivery options to meet the varying needs of our diverse customers. Once shipped, we send you an e-mail with a shipping confirmation along with the delivery tracking details. While the shipping and handling duration might vary, we advise them during the checkout process on the shipping tab.

What are the Rewards of Choosing Memory Foam

  • Reduced pressure points
  • Alleviated muscular stress across the body
  • Accurate retention of alignment of the spine and neck for better sleep
  • No dust or mite accumulation
  • Relief to allergy and joint pain sufferers
  • Adaptable to any body weight

Visco elastic foam products such as the memory foam mattresses are less likely to embrace or entertain dust mites that usually thrive and reproduce in the conventional box spring mattresses. The structure of the memory foam is such that it becomes impractical for any bug to penetrate the mattress.

Because of resistance to dust mites, memory foam is useful even for those who suffer from hay fever and airborne allergies, which are caused by these tiny bugs in the home. This ensures a healthier and cleaner environment, triggering a truly comfortable milieu ensuring a therapeutic night’s sleep. As a result, doctors worldwide recommend memory foam.

Medical Proven Memory Foam

Health Benefits

Memory Foam reduces pressure points and muscular stress across your entire body and maintains the correct alignment of the spine and neck for a healthier sleep.

Suitable for any body weight, dust-mite resistant and hypo allergenic, memory foam is highly recommended by doctors throughout the world.

What Basic Mattress Customers Say

“I ordered a couple of basic single mattresses. I am happy to say that the delivery reached my doorstep in two days, which means the company does what it says. The mattresses are comfortable and affordable, which demand almost 50% less the price of equivalent products online. I knew that I would be unable to take the delivery, as I do job due to which I asked my mother to receive the products. The best part I like about the free delivery services its tracking ability. I called up at customer service center and admired the polite and prompt tone of the person on the line, who informed about the stock available with a probable dispatch date. I truly recommend the product.” Maria Jones

“I got my king size basic foam memory mattress the next day. The mattress is so flexible and fluffy that I get that typical sound feeling whenever I am into the bed. I have to admit that I never experienced such sound sleep before!” Sarah Mike

When I ordered a super king size mattress, it was not in stock, which disappointed me. However, the customer care person on call was so polite and caring to speak about delivering the product the moment it becomes available. This encouraged me to keep the order. I must say that the service was prompt to give me the product in five days, as the stock was unavailable. The mattress is truly comfortable and flexible enough to take up my body shape. The sleep is sweeter and more comfortable. Thanks Zleeps! Bob Martin

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